The History of Flower Girls

The tradition of having a flower girl walk before the bride is symbolic in her dressing and action of dropping petals along the aisle.

Her white dress represents purity, while the dropping of flower petals represents fertility.

The petals are usually of red roses, whose colour represents deep passion and love, while the flower girl symbolically represents the loss of purity to love, passion and fertility.

By walking in front of the bride, she represents the young and pure child who throws out petals to ward off evil spirits, so by walking in front of the bride, she is also offering protection.

The history of flower girls goes back to Greek and Roman times, where flower girls scattered herbs and grains instead of petals, to represent fertility.

In the middle ages, young girls would walk before the bride, carrying bundles of grain, while flower baskets came about during the Victorian Era.

During that time, the young girls would dress in white, and to represent eternal love, would carry baskets of flower-covered hoops and flower petals.

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